We offer several options for cooperation.

Extra money is not a publicity stunt, and intelligent move by the company Cryptex Online to meet all its investors. The company provides flexible multi-tiered affiliate system, which will provide dividends not only from the people you invite, but also from those who will be attracted to them.

Our company is interested in growth investment volumes and that is why we provide an affiliate program with a depth of 8 levels. Due to the fact that we've eliminated unnecessary middlemen and work directly, we provide our partners the maximum possible charges. You want to increase your funds and get a good passive income but still do not have sufficient capital for investment? For You and created this opportunity.

What is the essence of building a partnership structure?

An elaborate referral system
7% fee on the first level - that's good. since we are not the first day on the market for investment products, we provide 6 levels of contributions for our partners (7% - 2% - 0.5% - 0.5% - 0.5% - 0.5% - 0.5% - 0.5%). Only 12% of the royalties.
Instant payments
As soon as the Deposit of your referral will be placed in our system, You will immediately receive a referral fee to an account and withdraw them to your online wallet. All automatically, no expectations.
Work with clients
We value every customer. We provide continuous support and willing to answer any questions. Therefore, any person who is interested in enhancement of their funds will be promptly consulted and most likely will make a Deposit and you will receive your Commission.

Demonstrate a trivial example:

  • 1st level. Invited 3 people. The total investment is$ 3000. Your contributions - 7%, that is 210$.
  • 2-level. Your 3 other invited 3 other. Only 9 people, investing 9000$. Your contributions - 2%, ie 180$. 3-level. The previous 9 people have invited another 3. A total of 27 investors. Total investment - $ 15,000 or more. Your contributions - 0.5%, that is 75$.
  • 4-level. 27х3 = 81. The total investment is 50 000$. Your contributions - of$ 250.
  • The 5th level. 81 x 3 = 243 people. The total investment structure of$ 200,000. Your deductions is$1,000.
  • The 6th level. 243х3 = 729 people. The total investment structure is$ 500,000. Your contributions are still 0.5%, i.e. 2500$.
  • The 7th level. 729х3 = 2187. The total investment structure is more than 1.5 $ million. Your contributions over 7500$.
  • The 8th level. 2187 x 3 = 6561. The total investment structure more than 4 million $. Your contributions 0.5% = 20 000$.

  • Total income in this example structure, if you bring 3 friends and each of them will give you another 3 people will be: 210 + 180 +75 + 250 + 1000+ 2500 + 7500 + 20 000 = 31 715$. This is a good example which will help in ponimanii system work mnogoudobnoe affiliate program.

How does it work?

You register with us on the service and go to the "refferaly", then copy your referral link. Every time the link will be a person of interest and place a Deposit in our system, you will immediately receive 7% of enrollments into account, that might lead to your own personal online wallet. So with every 1000$ of investment, You will get at least 70$ in indemnities. And everything happens automatically.

How this process works?

Registration in the system
Getting affiliate links
Attracting investors in the service using this link
Profit with an 8-level structure (only 12% of deductions).

No restrictions.

Nobody limits three listed persons and one thousand dollars of investment. Therefore, your earnings is not limited. The system of our work, all directions and investment plans we describe on the main page and in the section "investments". We value every customer, because the income of our company directly depends on how much we earn for our clients. On average, our traders, our mining equipment and attachments business bring from 14 to 20% monthly profit. We pay our customers up to 15% of the profits, leaving about 5% for the work done.

Thus our aim is mutually beneficial cooperation, when our customers earn, helping our company to increase the size of our mining centres and the volume of daily trading. The greater the volume and earnings of customers, the more we receive. Accordingly, the system is built on the principle of Win-Win and guarantee a long-term cooperation. In the case of drawdowns in the market, our customers still receive a specified percentage, and the loss will be covered from the income of the company.

We are always happy to answer all your questions. If you have any, please write in the online chat on the website and you will definitely get a response from someone of our highly trained consultants.