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In this section you will be able to study our investment solutions, look at them from your own perspective and choose the ones that fully meet your criteria of compatability and financial usability.

Why hundreds of investors have become clients of the Cryptex?

When choosing a Cryptex You get a guarantee for the preservation and enhancement of your funds. We guarantee payments for 24 months.

Why so long? The majority of investment funds and companies do not have a physical anchor to anything. They earn solely on short-term speculation, which, although a great profit, but very often are not successful. Such risky strategies will sooner or later lead to the closing of this Fund, the investor lose their money and be left with nothing. Having extensive experience within investment funds on foreign markets, we have built a system that is not dependent on unpredictable market fluctuations, and which is not tied to the subsequent customer deposits. Therefore, we do not make exorbitant promises. Our investment plans are designed on the basis of actual numbers of physical return of the equipment that we use for cryptocurrency mining in our mining centres.

What is mining cryptocurrencies and why they catch will be the trend of the decade?

Mining - providing the computing power (normally used for this video card) to confirm and process transactions in a network of any digital cryptocurrency. For each action using our equipment mining company receives a fee in the same mined cryptocurrency. Mainly engaged in large mining company with a substantial capital, as this activity required the purchase of a large number of cards and assembling them into so-called "mining farm".

In order to earn in this challenging, but profitable sector on their own, you need to have a large initial capital ($5,000 and above).

In addition to the money you need:

  • experience in the Assembly of such farms
  • the ability of their administration, technical understanding of the operation of the entire system
  • experience of dealing with a large number of routine matters such as finding premises, support in this optimal conditions for mining, understanding when to buy graphics card what graphics card, when to sell, what cryptocurrency to mine and much more.
But. The growth rates of cryptocurrencies, their popularization and profitability of production ensures the rapid development of this sector in the coming decades.

We have great experience in this sphere and that is why Cryptex Investments made mining the main direction of its work. About 70% of the attracted investments go in this direction, as it is almost safe and predictable for 36 months in advance;

What we attract investment?

We have several scenarios.

We can work with your money, as it was before. But in this case, we lose a lot of time and a huge lost profits. This area is constructed such that the larger computing power, the greater our income and the rate of return on investment.

If the difficulty of mining cryptocurrencies increases, we quickly move on to mining more simple currencies that bring in more profit. In each mining centre, there is a separate technical Department which ensures continuous functioning of the equipment 24/7.

Our mining centers are located:

  • in the countries with the lowest cost of electricity
  • in cities with a minimum cost of rent of premises for placing of servers and maximum security where local laws 100% loyal to this type of business.

All our suppliers are audited not by one ten cycles of orders. We buy equipment at the most reasonable market price in the market at the expense of protected areas. Thought-out logistics allows in the shortest possible time to install and run the equipment within 3 days.

Thanks to all of the above points Cryptex Investments have reduced the payback of the equipment is more than 40%. This fact allows our mining centers and each unit of the video card to make a profit for more than 24 months. Once investing, you get passive income from the operation of the equipment for three years.

Not every member can afford to buy at least the simplest mining-farm for$ 5,000. Therefore, we combine the contributions of the participants and simultaneously purchase a large number of video cards to work, which gives the lowest wholesale prices and the ability to make even the minimum investment from$ 20, combining them into something worthwhile. A brief scheme of interaction of investors with our investment Fund:

Here you can see that we obyedinyaet investors irrespective of the size of the contribution. Then the money purchased equipment and installed in our mining centres. Using this equipment will be on the mining of cryptocurrencies that use the work in exchange our team of certified traders, adds to his cost at least 15-20%.

That is, after the purchase, installation and configuration of equipment, each participant begins to make a profit, which corresponds to the size of his contribution.

We are profitable to work with large volumes of, respectively, the greater is the contribution of the investor, the more profit we can share.

That's why we made for You three different rate from 9% to 15% monthly profit. Specially for you we have prepared your investment calculator that will show you the long-term prospects of working with Cryptex using the possibility of reinvestment of the received per cent.

This is called compound interest and is essentially the "eighth wonder of the world". This principle is repeated multiply their initial Deposit through reinvestment received with interest only works in the long term.

A small example: Working with a Deposit of$ 1,000 for 24 months at 12% monthly income and all the while reinvesting invested interest, your account balance after 2 years will be more than 15 000$.

It seems incredible, but it is. That is why the phenomenon of compound interest is called the "eighth wonder of the world". Suggest you verify this yourself by typing the desired investment amount and click "CALCULATE PROFIT".

We value every customer and will gladly answer all your questions in our online chat. Don't miss the opportunity to invest in one of the fastest growing trends 2016-2018 - the market of digital currencies.